Fashion 2019: Omnichannel and Loyalty

Competition is not only on product design but more and more on Customer experience design. 

In the last few years, several fashion brands have nurtured shopper loyalty in the omnichannel era. While each has designed and executed its own way to achieve a strong customer relationship, there is a concept that is common to all: the aim to an unparalleled Customer Experience. Omnichannel strategy and the related technologies are the keys to achieve the final result: Brand Loyalty. Omni Channel is the beginning of the journey and Brand Loyalty is our final destination, but the real journey is the Customer Experience, that is the ability to surprise and engage shoppers increasingly turning to each other for brand endorsements and recommendations.

“This journey is often like a sightseeing tour with stops, exploration, and discussion along the way—all moments when you need to convince people to pick your brand and stick with it instead of switching to a competitor” (cit. Stuart Hogg, Thinkgoogle )


In Fashion, even more than in other industries, it is important to make sure that technology is relevant to achieve a consistent and excellent Customer Experience, and not just impress customers. Fashion brands should use technology to step up their game and create highly personalized and unique face-to-face interactions online and offline. That means that no matter how much you invest in technology, your Customers are not going to find it valuable if the sales associates cannot deliver what your Customers want. And here are two cases that I believe are interesting practices of omnichannel approach in the Fashion industry and not just a well built and executed Customer Service.                                                                               

Nordstrom and its “reserve online, try-on in-store

First, you have to join their loyalty program and download the app, that means you enter their omnichannel system. Once in, you can reserves items and When items are ready to be tried on at the nearest store, you get a text message. Once in the store, you get notified of where to find a dedicated dressing room containing your items.

This is a feature to delight GenZ that are increasingly looking for product personalization and in-store unique experience digitally integrated. You can go online and design your own piece and get it even more personal at one of their Taylor shops where they also do repairing. It is a great experience that makes you perceive the long and glorious tradition of this brand. Very well done!

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