Are Microstudios the future of fashion?


In the last few weeks I read a lot of articles, white papers and watched videos about the 2019 main trends in retail and nothing appeared to be really new and disruptive. Then I ran into this one-year ago Angela Wang speech at Ted.  


Angela Wang says “These companies, they collect real consumer feedback from mobile sites, from social media, and then their designers will translate this information into product ideas, and then send them to microstudios for production. These microstudios are really key in this overall ecosystem, because they take small orders, 30 garments at a time, and they can also make partially customized pieces. The fact that all these production designs are done locally, the whole process, from transporting to product on shelf or online sometimes takes only three to four days. That is super fast, and that is highly responsive to what is in and hot on the market. And that is giving enormous headaches to traditional retailers who are only thinking about a few collections a year.” 


While she was talking about the shopping journey of a typical Chinese middle-class person I started thinking about what would be really disruptive. What about being loyal not just to a brand but to your brand? How to make a brand your brand? 


Imagine a brand having AR/VR tools that allow customers to highly personalize the design of a denim jacket and get immediate feedback online from their friends/connections or even from the brand community. Then, imagine having a full network of microstudios that bring to life the personalized jacket and deliver it to the closest store or at home in less than a week. And even more what about transforming your customers in virtual designers and reward them when other peers buy their personalized design jacket?



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