CES 2019: tech advances to enhance Customer Experience

New tech gadgets that can innovate the way we interact with our Customers have been introduced at the Las Vegas consumer electronics bonanza.

Make your store as global as your ECommerce with the Google Interpreter.

The Interpreter mode is a new feature that will roll out as an update on Google Home devices and smart displays. If you’re meeting with a person who does not speak the same language as you, the Google Assistant can be used as a translator, or more so as an interpreter in order to get real-time translations of words and sentences as and when you speak in the form of voice output as well as text on screen to aid the conversation.” Imagine the advantage of using such feature in retail stores and be able to welcome international customers helping them in their own language.

Amazon will introduce the in-home delivery thanks to the Key by Amazon.

Amazon is using Key as another tool to compete with Google and Apple in the smart home arena, where it’s already the market leader in smart speakers and is a major player in TV streamers. According to CNET (https://www.cnet.com/news/amazon-opens-up-key-with-in-garage-delivery-new-schlage-lock-and-key-for-business/), the in-home delivery service should help Amazon cut down on package thefts, which annoy customers and cost the company money for replacements. Amazon said it doesn’t have any data on whether Key is having an impact on thefts.

Pick up in store will get even better

Einride is a Swedish company bent on a complete transformation of the transportation industry. Einride vision is to make the movement of goods more intelligent: emission-free, safe, cost-effective, and ultimately, sustainable. What about Self driving robotics vehicles that can deliver packages to your car in the parking lot?

Home Improvements in hours rather than weeks?

Home improvement companies still rely on Professionals in-house visits to gather measurements, provide quotes and then templates/blueprints. 3D Technologies Limited, a UK based company, is trying to change this business model with Moasure, a 3d precise measurement device very easy to use. With this tool, customers can get immediate quotes and get a countertop template sent directly to a CNC machine.

Will Store associates have their robot assistant?

Samsung states that “the Samsung Bot Retail helps customers find the items they need by registering their facial expressions and voices. Its awareness of surroundings allows it to navigate environment – even when it’s crowded – and guide customers to the area or items they’re looking for. The front-facing display can display menus or store details and allows customers to purchase items comfortably and easily. Restaurants and stores can also use the robot to deliver food or items to their customers using the shelves on the robot’s back”.

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