Retail and Artificial Intelligence.

AI represents a major help to organizations that have to deal with large amount of data to be quickly processed. But speed does not mean quality. Check out some cases I worked on. Retail will increasingly adopt intelligent automation technologies, according to IBM's latest study released Tuesday at the National Retail Federation's 2019 Big Show... Continue Reading →

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Fashion 2019: Omnichannel and Loyalty

Competition is not only on product design but more and more on Customer experience design. In the last few years, several fashion brands have nurtured shopper loyalty in the omnichannel era.

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Are Microstudios the future of fashion?

In the last few weeks I read a lot of articles, white papers and watched videos about the 2019 main trends in retail and nothing appeared to be really new and disruptive. Then I ran into this one-year ago Angela Wang speech at Ted.  

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